Learning resources

Below are a variety of resources to help with learning how to use the staircase package. If you have a question please post to Stack Overflow and use the tag staircase.

PyConline AU talk

The Staircase package was debuted during the 2020 PyCon Australia conference (4th-6th September) , renamed to PyConline AU after needing to transition to a completely online format due to Covid19.

Watch the pre-recorded presentation below (description here).


The tutorials linked below were introduced in the PyConline AU talk, but have since been extended. They are designed to showcase a variety of staircase functionality, as opposed to a variety of use cases.

Live versions of these tutorials can also be accessed through binder.

Test data

Ready to give staircase a spin? Need some data? The staircase.make_test_data() function will get you what you need to start playing.

>>> import staircase as sc
>>> dataframe = sc.make_test_data()
>>> dataframe_dates = sc.make_test_data(dates=True)