Stairs.value_sums(dropna=True, group=True)#

Characterises the distribution of step function values with a series of their sums.

The result is a pandas.Series, indexed by the values of a the step function. The values of the series are the lengths of the intervals whose value is equal to the corresponding index.

This method is analagous to pandas.Series.value_counts() over a continous domain.

dropnabool, default True

Indicates whether to include intervals where the step function is undefined

groupbool, default True

Indicates whether to group the index values together into a unique index.



>>> s1.plot()
>>> s1.value_sums()
-1    1
 0    1
 1    2
dtype: int64
>>> s3.plot()
>>> s3.value_sums(dropna=False)
-1.0    1.0
 0.0    0.5
 1.0    1.5
 NaN    1.0
dtype: float64