Stairs.values_in_range(where=(<staircase.constants.NegInf object>, <staircase.constants.Inf object>), closed=None)#

Returns the range (i.e. values) of the step function defined over a domain.

wheretuple or list of length two, optional

Indicates the domain interval over which to evaluate the step function. Default is (-sc.inf, sc.inf) or equivalently (None, None).

closed: {‘both’, ‘left’, ‘right’, ‘neither’}, optional

Indicates whether the interval defined by where is closed on both sides, left-closed, right-closed, or neither. Default value is taken from the closed attribute of the step function. The default values will be used if closed=None is used.

numpy.ndarrayn A numpy array of unique values


>>> s1.plot(arrows=True)
>>> s1.values_in_range()
array([-1,  0,  1], dtype=int64)
>>> s1.values_in_range((1,4))
array([0,  1], dtype=int64)
>>> s1.values_in_range((1,4), closed='both')
array([-1,  0,  1], dtype=int64)